Validation of Sentinel-2 products based on continuous spectral and Eddy-Flux-measurements

The objective of this project is to establish a validation site for derived products of Sentinel-2 satellite data. This is done via different measurements techniques, which collect continuous spectral as well as micro-meteorological and ecophysiological information. The up-scaling of this information is done by a raytracing model and by use of airborne hyperpectral images (AISA Eagle and Hawk).

The measurement techniques are composed of three Eddy-Flux towers observing pasture, cropland and forest, which are operated by the ‘Biosphere Atmosphere Exchange’ group at UFZ. Hyperspectral and 4-channel spectral sensors are installed on these Eddy-Flux towers, as well as RGB-cameras. The sensors are configured in a way that data - spectrally similar to the data collected by Sentinel-2 - can be generated. Measurements can be combined with systematical soil moisture, soil temperature and sap-flow measurements as well as measurements of LAI-values and fractional vegetation cover. This facilitates the depiction of a number of processes at the landscape level. Airborne measurements figure as the link between ground and satellite observation facilitating up-scaling and are therefore at the core of Sentinel-2 product validation.

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