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TERENO =TERrestrial ENviromental Observatoria

Contact Person: Dr. Steffen Zacharias

The infrastructure activity TERENO aims to establish an observation platform linking terrestrial observatories in different regions. Starting in 2008, three observatories will be established in Germany. A fourth observatory is under discussion. The observatories will generate continuous data sets covering spatial and temporal scales. These data sets help to identify flaws of actual modelling tools.

  • Studying the long-term influence of land use changes, climate changes, socioeconomic developments and human interventions in terrestrial systems
  • Providing long-term environmental data in a multi-scale and multi-temporal mode
  • Multi-scale analysis of interactions and reactions between the environmental compartments of the soil, vegetation and the atmosphere.
  • Development of new model concepts and scaling methods for the evaluation of effective parameters, fluxes and state variables for different scales.
  • Bridging the scale discrepancy between measurement, model and management

The UFZ observatory is one of three "Global Change Exploratories" planned by the Helmholtz Association and focussed on the monitoring, analyzing and prediction of changing state variables and fluxes in terrestrial systems. In the next years the observatory infrastucture will be developed, as an important basis for terrestrial environmental research at the UFZ. .