Ten Years of Biodiversity Convention: an Interim Evaluation (book project)


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Köck (Hrsg.)

Dr. Nina Wolff


Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Baden-Baden 2004. Umweltrechtliche Studien 33. ISBN 3-83290660-6.


It is planned to integrate this book project into a multi-annual research on the topic "Biodiversity Governance" within the joint research project "Social institutions and land use".


04/2002 − 03/2003


The UN Convention on Biological Diversity is one of the legally binding instruments of the first UN conference on environment and development (1992). Since its entry into force in 1993 the rules of the so-called "Biodiversity Convention" have been further developed during six conferences of the parties. After ten years of global endeavours for the conservation of biological diversity this important process of international environmental co-operation shall be evaluated.

The planned anthology which is going to be compiled by UFZ researchers in co-operation with external experts includes the following topics:

Part I: International framework for the conservation and
sustainable use of biodiversity

Chapter 1: International Legal Framework for the Conservation of Biodiversity
Chapter 2: Institutional Framework and Means for the Conservation of Biodiverstity
Chapter 3: The Conservation Concept of the Biodiversity Convention
Chapter 4: Economic Aspects of the Biodiversity Convention

Part II: Central Issues of the Biodiversity Convention
Chapter 1: The Ecosystem Approach of the Biodiversity Convention
Chapter 2: Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing
Chapter 3: The Biosafety Protocol
Chapter 4: Alien Invasive Species
Chapter 5: Forest Biodiversity
Chapter 6: Agrobiodiversity
Chapter 7: Marine biodiversity