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Articles in ISI listed journals (28)

  • Adam, I.K.U., Duarte, M., Pathmanathan, J., Miltner, A., Brüls, T., Kästner, M., (2017):
    Microbial communities in pyrene amended soil–compost mixture and fertilized soil
    AMB Express 7 , art. 7
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  • Aylward, L., Kappelmeyer, U., Bonner, R., Hecht, P., Sheridan, C., (2017):
    Investigation into the kinetics of constructed wetland degradation processes as a precursor to biomimetic design
    Water SA 43 (4), 655 - 665
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  • Baqar, M., Arslan, M., Sadef, Y., Mahmood, A., Qadir, A., Ahmad, S.R., (2017):
    Persistent organic pollutants in Pakistan: potential threat to ecological integrities in terms of genotoxicity and oxidative stress
    Hum. Ecol. Risk Assess. 23 (6), 1249 - 1271
    final draft (pdf)
  • Baumgarten, T., Schlegel, S., Wagner, S., Löw, M., Eriksson, J., Bonde, I., Herrgård, M.J., Heipieper, H.J., Nørholm, M.H.H., Slotboom, D.J., de Gier, J.W., (2017):
    Isolation and characterization of the E. coli membrane protein production strain Mutant56(DE3)
    Sci. Rep. 7 , art. 45089
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  • Bonner, R., Aylward, L., Harley, C., Kappelmeyer, U., Sheridan, C.M., (2017):
    Heat as a hydraulic tracer for horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
    J. Water Process Eng. 16 , 183 - 192
    full text (url)
  • Bonner, R., Aylward, L., Kappelmeyer, U., Sheridan, C., (2017):
    A comparison of three different residence time distribution modelling methodologies for horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
    Ecol. Eng. 99 , 99 - 113
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  • Brock, A.L., Kästner, M., Trapp, S., (2017):
    Microbial growth yield estimates from thermodynamics and its importance for degradation of pesticides and formation of biogenic non-extractable residues
    SAR QSAR Environ. Res. 28 (8), 629 - 650
    full text (url)
  • Chen, Z., Reiche, N., Vymazal, J., Kuschk, P., (2017):
    Treatment of water contaminated by volatile organic compounds in hydroponic root mats
    Ecol. Eng. 98 , 339 - 345
    full text (url)
  • Chen, Z., Vymazal, J., Kuschk, P., (2017):
    Effects of tidal operation on pilot-scale horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland treating sulfate rich wastewater contaminated by chlorinated hydrocarbons
    Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. 24 (1), 1042 - 1050
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  • Chernikova, T.N., Dallimore, J., Lünsdorf, H., Heipieper, H.J., Golyshin, P.N., (2017):
    Monaibacterium marinum, gen. nov, sp. nov, a new member of the Alphaproteobacteria isolated from seawater of Menai Straits, Wales, UK
    Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 67 (9), 3310 - 3317
    full text (url)
  • Fida, T.T., Moreno-Forero, S.K., Breugelmans, P., Heipieper, H.J., Roling, W.F.M., Springael, D., (2017):
    Physiological and transcriptome response of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degrading Novosphingobium sp. LH128 after inoculation in soil
    Environ. Sci. Technol. 51 (3), 1570 - 1579
    full text (url)
  • Hachicho, N., Birnbaum, A., Heipieper, H.J., (2017):
    Osmotic stress in colony and planktonic cells of Pseudomonas putida mt-2 revealed significant differences in adaptive response mechanisms
    AMB Express 7 , art. 62
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  • Heipieper, H.J., (2017):
    Farewell Prof. Hans-Jürgen Rehm
    Microb. Biotechnol. 10 (2), 223
    full text (url)
  • Koelschbach, J.S., Mouttaki, H., Pickl, C., Heipieper, H.J., Rachel, R., Lawson, P.A., Meckenstock, R.U., (2017):
    Rectinema cohabitans gen. nov., sp. nov., a rod-shaped spirochaete isolated from an anaerobic naphthalene-degrading enrichment culture
    Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 67 (5), 1288 - 1295
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  • König, S., Worrich, A., Centler, F., Wick, L.Y., Miltner, A., Kästner, M., Thullner, M., Frank, K., Banitz, T., (2017):
    Modelling functional resilience of microbial ecosystems: Analysis of governing processes
    Environ. Modell. Softw. 89 , 31 - 39
    full text (url)
  • López-Martín, M., Nowak, K.M., Miltner, A., Knicker, H., (2017):
    Incorporation of N from burnt and unburnt 15N grass residues into the peptidic fraction of fire affected and unaffected soils
    J. Soils Sediments 17 , 1554 - 1564
    full text (url)
  • Meyer-Cifuentes, I., Martinez-Lavanchy, P.M., Marin-Cevada, V., Böhnke, S., Harms, H., Müller, J.A., Heipieper, H.J., (2017):
    Isolation and characterization of Magnetospirillum sp. strain 15-1 as a representative anaerobic toluene-degrader from a constructed wetland model
    PLOS One 12 (4), e0174750
    full text (url)
  • Pepi, M., Heipieper, H.J., Balestra, C., Borra, M., Biffali, E., Casotti, R., (2017):
    Toxicity of diatom polyunsaturated aldehydes to marine bacterial isolates reveals their mode of action
    Chemosphere 177 , 258 - 265
    full text (url)
  • Piotrowska, A., Syguda, A., Wyrwas, B., Chrzanowski, Ł., Heipieper, H.J., (2017):
    Toxicity evaluation of selected ammonium-based ionic liquid forms with MCPP and dicamba moieties on Pseudomonas putida
    Chemosphere 167 , 114 - 119
    full text (url)
  • Pronk, G.J., Heister, K., Vogel, C., Babin, D., Bachmann, J., Ding, G.-C., Ditterich, F., Gerzabek, M.H., Giebler, J., Hemkemeyer, M., Kandeler, E., Mouvenchery, Y.K., Miltner, A., Poll, C., Schaumann, G.E., Smalla, K., Steinbach, A., Tanuwidjaja, I., Tebbe, C.C., Wick, L.Y., Woche, S.K., Totsche, K.U., Schloter, M., Kögel-Knabner, I., (2017):
    Interaction of minerals, organic matter, and microorganisms during biogeochemical interface formation as shown by a series of artificial soil experiments
    Biol. Fert. Soils 53 (1), 9 - 22
    full text (url)
  • Schultze-Nobre, L., Wiessner, A., Bartsch, C., Paschke, H., Stefanakis, A.I., Aylward, L.A., Kuschk, P., (2017):
    Removal of dimethylphenols and ammonium in laboratory-scale horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
    Eng. Life Sci. 17 (12), 1224 - 1233
    full text (url)
  • Soares-Castro, P., Montenegro-Silva, P., Heipieper, H.J., Santos, P.M., (2017):
    Functional characterization of a 28-kilobase catabolic island from Pseudomonas sp. M1 involved in biotransformation of β-myrcene and related plant-derived volatiles
    Appl. Environ. Microb. 83 (9), e03112-16
    final draft (pdf)
  • Trellu, C., Miltner, A., Gallo, R., Huguenot, D., van Hullebusch, E.D:, Esposito, G., Oturan, M.A., Kästner, M., (2017):
    Characteristics of PAH tar oil contaminated soils—Black particles, resins and implications for treatment strategies
    J. Hazard. Mater. 327 , 206 - 215
    full text (url)
  • Wang, S., Miltner, A., Kästner, M., Schäffer, A., Nowak, K.M., (2017):
    Transformation of metamitron in water-sediment systems: Detailed insight into the biodegradation processes
    Sci. Total Environ. 578 , 100 - 108
    full text (url)
  • Wang, S., Miltner, A., Nowak, K.M., (2017):
    Identification of degradation routes of metamitron in soil microcosms using 13C-isotope labeling
    Environ. Pollut. 220 (Part B), 927 - 935
    full text (url)
  • Wiessner, A., Kuschk, P., Nguyen, P.M., Müller, J.A., (2017):
    The sulfur depot in the rhizosphere of a common wetland plant, Juncus effusus, can support long-term dynamics of inorganic sulfur transformations
    Chemosphere 184 , 375 - 383
    full text (url)
  • Woche, S.K., Goebel, M.-O., Mikutta, R., Schurig, C., Kaestner, M., Guggenberger, G., Bachmann, J., (2017):
    Soil wettability can be explained by the chemical composition of particle interfaces - An XPS study
    Sci. Rep. 7 , art. 42877
    full text (url)
  • Worrich, A., Stryhanyuk, H., Musat, N., König, S., Banitz, T., Centler, F., Frank, K., Thullner, M., Harms, H., Richnow, H.-H., Miltner, A., Kästner, M., Wick, L.Y., (2017):
    Mycelium-mediated transfer of water and nutrients stimulates bacterial activity in dry and oligotrophic environments
    Nat. Commun. 8 , art. 15472
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Articles in other journals (not listed in ISI) (1)

  • Meyer-Cifuentes, I., Fiedler, S., Müller, J.A., Kappelmeyer, U., Mäusezahl, I., Heipieper, H.J., (2017):
    Draft genome sequence of Magnetospirillum sp. strain 15-1, a denitrifying toluene degrader isolated from a planted fixed-bed reactor
    Genome Announc. 5 (32), e00764-17
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Book chapters (2)

  • Arslan, M., Ullah, I., Müller, J.A., Shahid, N., Afzal, M., (2017):
    Organic micropollutants in the environment: ecotoxicity potential and methods for remediation
    In: Anjum, N.A., Gill, S.S., Tuteja, N., (eds.)
    Enhancing cleanup of environmental pollutants. Volume 1: Biological Approaches
    Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 65 - 99
    full text (url)
  • Heipieper, H.J., Hachicho, N., (2017):
    Bacterial solvent responses and tolerance: cis–trans isomerization
    In: McGenity, T.J., Timmis, K.N., Nogales, B., (eds.)
    Hydrocarbon and lipid microbiology protocols. Activities and phenotypes
    Springer Protocols Handbooks
    Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 111 - 118
    full text (url)
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Qualification assignments (1)

  • Saad, R.A.B., (2017):
    Influence of system type, loading regimes and helophyte species on inorganic sulfur transformations in constructed wetlands
    Dissertation, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
    111 pp.
    full text (url)
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