Einsendeschluss:  • Standort: Magdeburg Hydrologist / Scientist (f/m/x)
On June 1, 2019 a new third party funded project (Sustain-COAST) started to investigate how coastal water resources management and governance can be improved in the Mediterranean region through a collaborative research project which is designed to examine on the field, systemically and with innovative integrated approaches, a wide range of situations under the dynamic changes of socio-economic and environmental contexts. Sustain-COAST will explore new governance approaches to effectively support the coastal aquifer conservation against anthropogenic and climatic pressures, through the promotion of innovative water management concepts based on the 4R principles: Reduce; Recycle; Reuse and Recover.
Within this frame we offer the position of a Hydrologist/Scientist (f/m/x) on Data-driven analysis for regional groundwater data.