Data and Information Management System - DAISY 

DAISY is the central database for the BMBF-funded SMART-project and its 2nd phase continuation SMART-2. (Further infos and table of content is here).

It may provide partner and the public with information and data. Most of the data are from 3rd sources collected and presented within DAISY as a common framework. Additionally, data that are generated within the project will be continuously implemented and updated. The data are in general typified into two groups: alphanumerical data and raster/vector-information.

The data policy of DAISY allows project partners to securely store their data within the database-system. Therefore two security levels are implemented: (a) the public and (b) the project internal including personalised login. Dependent on the type of data and your rights to get access different options are given.

- alphanumerical data: DAISY-Harvester

- generate thematic queries and maps for the SMART-region: DAISY-WebGIS

- Raster/Vector datasets incl. metadata for download: DataLog

The description of the information system and the various possibilities with its web-based interfaces are described as handbook, which is for download DAISY-Handbook 2.0 (3.3 MB)

A second option is to look at the following explanation sites:

DAISY-Harvester Explanation

DAISY-WebGIS Explanation

External links and information bases

A very interesting option to receive information from the IWRM-project region Lower Jordan Valley (SMART-project) is to follow the link to our colleagues from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to DROPEDIA.

A new Helmholtz-Virtual Institute DEad SEa Research VEnue (DESERVE) has recently opened, combining geophysics, hydrogeology and meteorology in the Dead Sea Basin.

Climate Databases

NOAA - National Climate Data Center

CERA - World Data Center for Climate Hamburg

Worldbank - Data Center

Tutiempo - time series for weather stations, mainly historical

IPCC - Data Distribution Centre

Climwat 2.0 - FAO climatic database to be used in combination with the computer program CROPWAT

Water-Resources Databases

FAO aquastat - FAO's information system on water and agriculture

AQUAMAPS - gloabl spatial database on water and agriculture (FAO)

If you lost your login/password, please request it by email: