Research Areas

Regional hydrological modelling


Head: Prof. Dr. Ralf Merz

Focus: Regional forecasts hydrological processes, especially extreme events via process analysis and modelling

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 Matter flux dynamics and flow systems


Head: Dr. Kay Knöller

Focus: Determination of drivers of water, nutrient, and contaminant fluxes in catchments

The research encompasses the delineation of nutrient and contaminant sources as well as the recognition and quantification of biogeochemical matter transformations in surface and subsurface catchments across scales by means of stable isotope methods. Natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in concert with stable isotopes of the water molecule are utilized to provide information on water flow paths, on water travel and residence times, and on water exchange between different hydrological compartments for the implementation in conceptual hydrological, hydrogeological and reactive transport models.

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