Applied Environmental Physics

Drying of Buildings (Bild: U.Roland, UFZ)

Work fields:

  • Application of electromagnetic waves (radio waves) and plasma processes for various innovative applications in environmental technology, energy technology and civil engineering
  • Adsorptive-catalytic combination processes and analysis of heterogeneous catalytic processes for pollutant degradation in different media
  • Selective hydrogen sensors and fiber optic sensor for temperature measurement
  • Plasma processes for pollutant degradation and hydrogen production
  • Management of pollutant in an urban context (surface drains from buildings)
  • Bridge function for joint transfer-oriented research activities with the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK)


Head: Dr. Ulf Roland
Scientist: Dr. Frank Holzer
Dr. Markus Kraus
Dr. Ulf Trommler
Technician: Birgit Forkert-Keller
Scientific Guests: Maria Balda
Robin Berg