Isotope Laboratory


The Isotope Laboratory of the Department Technical Biogeochemistry is specialized in analyzing stable isotope ratios of light elements such as H, C, N, O, S, Cl and Br. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, the Isotope Laboratory holds several methodological patents and serves as a central reference facility for organizations such as the IAEA and the USGS. The laboratory's key strengths lie in performing online bulk and compound-specific isotope analyses (BSIA and CSIA), which includes sample preparation techniques, method development for isotope analysis of gaseous, liquid and solid samples, quality control measures and the preparation and calibration of international reference materials. The expertise of the Isotope Laboratory is underlined by its involvement in various process studies and numerous publications.

The Isotope Laboratory of the Department Technical Biogeochemistry, along with its counterparts at the UFZ locations in Halle and Magdeburg, collectively forms a competence center for isotope analysis known as the Laboratories for Stable Isotopes - LSI .


Head of the Laboratory

Dr. Matthias Gehre, Phone +49 341 6025-1361, e-mail:

Manager of the Laboratory

Dr. Steffen K├╝mmel, Phone +49 341 6025-1362, e-mail:


  • Compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA) of environmental samples 
  • Isotope forensic studies 
  • Support during project developments, including natural abundance studies and tracer experiments
  • Cooperation partner for both academic and industrial partners 
  • Development of novel analytical methods
  • Contract research, analytical services and consultancy
  • Training courses in various aspects of isotope analysis