Working groups

Applied Environmental Physics


Head: Dr. Ulf Roland

Phone: 0341 235 1762

Dr. U. Roland

  • Generation, drying and selective detection of hydrogen HyPro
  • Surface runoff from roads and buildings CityTech

Radio waves, heterogeneous catalysis, hydrogen, RWInnoTec, thermal processes, Burning water, HyPro 

Working group leader: Dr. Ulf Roland
Scientists: Dr. Frank Holzer
Dr. Ulf Trommler
Technician: Birgit Forkert-Keller
Guest Scientists: Maria Balda
Dr. Markus Kraus

Environmental catalysis - oxidation


Leader: Dr. Anett Georgi

Phone: 0341-2351760


Zeolites, activated carbons, adsorption, advanced oxidation processes, PFAS, CityTech , Isotope Fractionation , Hydrothermal Carbonization HTC

Working Group Leader: Dr. Anett Georgi
Scientists: Dr. Navid Saeidi
PhD students: Maria Balda
Pegah Fatehbasharzad
Ramazan Keyikoglu
Technician: Silke Woszidlo
Visiting Scientists:  
Students: Han Shi
Jean-Pierre Matriciani

Environmental catalysis - reduction


Group Leader: Dr. Katrin Mackenzie

Phone: 0341-2351760

Dr. K. Mackenzie


Carbo-Iron, Pd and Cu catalysts, activated carbon, PFAS, In-situ-groundwater treatment, CityTech

Head of research group: Dr. Katrin Mackenzie
Scientists: Dr. Sarah Sühnholz
Dr. Ariette Schierz
Dr. Ahmed Abdelsamad
Technicians: Dr. Robert Köhler
Kerstin Lehmann
Visiting Scientists: Dr. Tariq Mehmood
PhD students: Xiaoyan Chen
Pengpeng Guo