Transformative Pathways for synergizing just biodiversity and climate actions

The Horizon Europe project TRANSPATH aims to identify leverage points and associated interventions for triggering and enabling transformative changes at the level of consumers, producers and organizations, thus accelerating diverse transformative pathways towards biodiversity-positive and climate-proofed societies, with sensitivity to social-cultural contexts and rights.
TRANSPATH will gain insights into socio-economic and socio-ecological dynamics through different case studies. Science-policy practitioner labs will be held in Eastern and Western Europe to identify leverage points, actor networks and associated change agents. In Latin America (Costa Rica) and Africa (Ghana), teleconnected global value chain regulations and impacts on land and forest conservation/restoration will be investigated (e.g., by using the coffee/cocoa value chain). Global trade agreements/regulations and the EU financial sector will be examined for interventions that operate within social boundaries and for the feasibility of policies that target the identified leverage points. In addition, a literature-based synthesis will be carried out to identify promising interventions, and construct target-seeking pathways that have fewer trade-offs and offer the potential to synergistically tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. The information gathered from the case studies and the literature synthesis will be used to quantify promising pathways using the IMAGE-GLOBIO modelling framework.