Monitoring and Modelling

Peer-to-peer group for all interested in discussions on monitoring / modelling and related topics


The group started out during the 1st TRACER synthesis workshop in November 2020.  The group analysed  the effects of different interpolation methods for input isotope data on the performance of the tran-SAS v1.0 model (Benettin & Bertuzzo, 2018) for the simulation of isotope signatures  in the streamflow  of  a Swiss catchment. From there, the group continued with exchange on various methodological questions regarding challenges in environmental modeling. They meet  every six weeks and discuss previously chosen topics.

Topics include calibration techniques, statistical analysis, data management tools, modelling tools/models, sensitivity analysis, etc. 

Group 2 examplary picture


Exemplary questions discussed in the group:
● Some models require hourly input, but observations are often available only at lower resolution. Interpolation is necessary: which method is best for which input resolution?
● How much do we lose when we re-interpolate data between timesteps?
● What kind of monitoring data do we need to test the tran-SAS model? How well does our model perform?
● Which methods are most suited for automated model calibration (e.g., DREAM Toolbox)
● To what extent are hydrological models, particularly groundwater models, analyzed by other researchers