TRACER offers a unique 3-year doctoral training program in the fields of hydrology, bio-geochemistry, aquatic ecology, and water resources management. The professional training refers to the didactical approach moving from simple to complex and identifying simplicity beyond complexity. The training formats comprise specialized courses, summer schools to involve further international expertise, synthesis workshops on how to transfer complexity to key factors of water security and internships to work with stakeholders. The research background ranges from high-end laboratory infrastructures, mesocosms and field experiments to state-of the-art monitoring and modelling.

TRACER offers:

  • PhD activities over the course of 3 years (see diagram)
  • Participation in graduate and training courses of partner institutions
  • Balanced supervision team with supervisors from different academic backgrounds
  • Research stay with partner institution or cooperation partner for up to 6 months
  • Career counselling and leadership courses towards the end of the PhD

This will:

  • Create a broad, interdisciplinary foundation that enables transdisciplinary thinking when conducting their research projects
  • Advance the students’ transferrable skills such as teaching, scientific writing, team working, organizational skills, scientific outreach, and leadership
  • Form an interactive, intellectually inspiring and creative network among all TRACER participants

PhD activities PhD activities: Training elements, training schedule and didactical aims of tailored activities in the TRACER curriculum complemented with the established programs of partnering institutions and individual training components.