ElBiota -  Lateral connectivity and biodiversity of the Elbe floodplains

Projectmanagement:Mathias Scholz - Subproject UFZ

Staff: Christian Hecht, Georg Rieland, Ute Susanne Kaden


BfG - German Federal Institute of Hydrology BfG

Peter Horchler - Projectmanager Subproject BfG, Arnd Weber (BfG), Mandy Hoyer hoyer@bafg.de (BfG)

Universität Duisburg-Essen - Aquatische Ökologie

Daniel Hering - Projectmanager Subproject Uni Duisburg, Kathrin Januschke, Franziska Struller

On behalf of: German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG), Koblenz

Project duration: 2020 - 2022

Project description

The research project ElBiota aims to analyze the influence of structural and functional “River <> Floodplain” connectivity on patterns of biodiversity and harmful substances in the Elbe floodplain. Three partners (Federal Institute of Hydrology -BfG; Department of Aquatic Ecology, University Duisburg-Essen; Department of Conservation Biology, Centre for Environmental Research) have teamed up to analyze these influences by means of a rigorously standardized sampling design including floodplain vegetation, mollusks, carabids, dissolved and particle-bound environmental pollutants along connectivity gradients.

Wet floodplain-channel at the Elbe River (Foto: C. Hecht)