Experimental facility of MINT GmbH for the cultivation of microalgae at the Institute for Natural Product Technology at the TU Dresden © Felix Krujatz


Fast monitoring system to allow the recovery of compounds produced by microalgae to be optimised through more efficient process management.

Duration: 01.06.2019 – 31.12.2021

Funding: Die Sächsische Aufbaubank aus Mitteln der Europäischen Union und des Freistaates Sachsen


Partner: TU Dresden (Coordinator), IfU GmbH Privates Institut für Analytik (IFU), MINT Engineering GmbH, INALGO Dresden I GmbH

The valuable compounds found within certain organisms which can be produced through industrial cultivation of microalgae offer us a promising alternative to products produced from fossil fuels. This project aims to allow the optimisation of the process control and quality management of the cultivation of these compounds by developing a real time process monitoring system. Electrospray Ionisation will be used with Ion Mobility Spectrometry to ionize aqueous samples and then analyse and quantify the components contained within them. As Ion Mobility Spectrometry is a rapid and robust technique, the development of an at-line monitoring system should be possible. This will allow the industrial production of active compounds using microalgae to reach its full potential.