Prof. Dr. Ralph Meißner

Contact / Adress

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ
Department of Soil System Science, Lysimeter Station
39615 Altmaerkische Wische, Falkenberg 55,
Tel: +49 39386-97113

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CV / Scientific Career


Land Reclamation, University of Rostock



Diploma degree: Dipl.-Mel. Ing.

PhD degree at the University of Rostock: Dr. agr.






Since 1995

Since 1997

Since 2017

Scientist at the Institute of Water Management in Berlin, Department Water Protection/Protection of Groundwater, Research Station Falkenberg

PhD degree at the University of Rostock: Dr. sc. techn.

Scientist at the Water Management Authority „Untere Elbe“ Magdeburg, Department Water Protection

Habilitation Degree at the University of Rostock: Dr. agr. habil.

Scientist at the GKSS - Research Centre Geesthacht Ltd. Institute of Inland Water Research, Head of the Lysimeter Station Falkenberg

Scientist at the UFZ, Department of Soil System Science, Head of the Working Group "Transport and Scaling Processes in Soils" and of the "Lysimeter Station Falkenberg"

Full Professor For Watershed Management at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Faculty of Natural Science III

Guest Scientist after emeritation

Research interests

  • Influence of land use changes on water and solute balance including restoration of floodplains and Histosols
  • Leaching of nutrients and other substances in the unsaturated and saturated soil zone
  • Construction of soil hydrological measurement stations, especially lysimeters
  • Environmental utilization of municipal sludge and other organic materials

Co-operations / Projects

Kulunda: How to prevent the next “Global Dust Bowl”? – Ecological and Economic Strategies for Sustainable Land Management in the Russian Steppes: A Potential Solution to Climate Change (FKZ: 01LL0905D, sponsored by BMBF)

Gülle-Strip-Till: Improved use of nitrogen (N) in organic and mineral fertilizers with the application of the strip-till-technology and the N-injection approach (FKZ: : 31086-34, sponsored by DBU)

NaLaMa-nT: Sustainable Land Management in the North German Lowland – NaLaMa-nT (FKZ: 033L029J, sponsored by BMBF)


Haselow, L., Meissner, R., Rupp, H., Miegel, K. Evaluation of precipitation measurements methods under field conditions during a summer season: A comparison of the standard rain gauge with a weighable lysimeter and a piezoelectric precipitation sensor. Journal of Hydrology 575, 537-543, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2019.05.065 (2019).

Rupp, H., Meissner, R., Leinweber, P.: Plant available phosphorus in soil as predictor for the leaching potential: Insights from long-term lysimeter studies. In: Ambio, 2018, online 20 November 2017 (DOI 10.1007/s13280-017-0975-x).

Xiao, H., Meissner, R., Borg, H., Wang, R., Cao, Q: Agreement of four equations for computing dewfall in northern Germany. In: Water 2017, 9, 607 (doi:10.3390/w9080607).

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Bednorz, D., Tauchnitz, N., Christen, O., Rupp, H., Meissner, R.: Evaluating the transferability of measurements from simple constructed non weighable gravitation lysimeters to predict the water regime on field scale—a case study. In: J. Plant Nutr. Soil. Sci., 179 (2016), 809-820.

Shaheen, S. M., Tsadilas, C. D., Rinklebe, J., Rupp, H., Meissner, R.: Distribution coefficients of cadmium and zinc in different soils in a mono-metal and competitive sorption systems. In: J. Plant Nutr. Soil. Sci., 178 (2015), 671-681.

Hagenau, J., Meissner, R., Borg, H.: Effect of exposure on the water balance of two identical lysimeters. In: Journal of Hydrology 520 (2015), 69-74.