Research group for International and European Environmental Law

Environmental protection is in many respects a cross-border issue. This applies in particular to the great environmental policy challenges of our time – climate change mitigation, water conservation, species conservation and the “greening” of international trade. No significant advances can be made in these areas without international protection standards and mandatory forms of cooperation. Promoting the development of international environmental law and – in Europe – EU environmental law is therefore of key importance, and contributing to this is the aim of the newly established research group for international and European environmental law at the Department of Environmental and Planning Law. In addition to general questions of international environmental law and European environmental law, the research group addresses above all the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation, water management and the protection of natural resources. The group participates in international projects, is actively engaged in various international and European networks of experts, and currently organises and supervises the European Environmental Law Forum (EELF).

Head:  Dr. Moritz Reese