Der UFZ-Standort in Magdeburg. Foto: André Künzelmann/UFZ

Environmental guidelines of the UFZ

  • We intend to use our research, and transfer our knowledge to society, to initiate and actively shape the transition to a sustainable society. We create knowledge, technologies, measures and management tools which contribute towards facilitating and shaping social change. The transfer of our research results to society is of key importance to us,
  • In addition to consistent compliance with environmental legislation, we undertake to avoid, minimize and, if necessary, compensate for negative environmental effects, and to foster positive environmental impacts. Our mission is to reconcile excellent research with the principle of sustainability:

    • We aspire to become a carbon-neutral company and are committed to continuously reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.
    • We undertake to efficiently manage resources such as energy, raw materials, water and spaces.
    • We want to make our commute and our business trips as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.
    • We prefer to procure products that represent the most environmentally friendly option throughout their entire life cycle. As far as possible, we select alternatives instead of hazardous substances.
    • We manage waste responsibly and strive to reduce it.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable conduct is part of our self-image as managers and employees of the UFZ. In our daily activities, we give an example to others, when it comes to environmental protection, and promote it. We actively take advantage of the opportunities presented by the environmental management system. For example, we are involved in the Environment Committee and devise ideas and measures to continually improve the UFZ’s environmental performance.
  • We make our environmental management transparent, both within and outside the UFZ, to create a dialogue that enables us to continue developing. In open discussion at the centre, with external partners and with the public, we reveal the accomplishments we achieve with our environmental research and environmental management. We want to pass on our many years of experience and expertise to other institutions, and be inspired by external sources, to continue developing into the future.