Biotic Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services (ESS) are processes which support human life. Examples are nutrient cycling, food production and climate regulation.


BESS is dealing with ecosystem services strongly dependent on ecological processes, such as biocontrol, pollination and soil processes. The aim of BESS is to provide tools and methods to manage these important ecosystem services at the landscape scale.

In addition to ecosystem service research, our group has a strong background in statistical ecology, nature conservation and plant community ecology.

BESS is founded mainly by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and will in this form run until the end of 2010. Additional funding comes from the EU-IP ALARM, the DFG within the Biodiversity Exploratories, and the DBU.


Carsten F. Dormann, Katharina Eckel, Jeroen Everaars, Bernd Gruber, Christian Günther, Dirk Herrmann, Lars von Riedmatten

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Helmholtz-University Group BESS ; DFG (CFD and LvR); EUMON (BG); ALARM (JE); DBU (JF)


Our main collaborators are located at the Agroecology Group in Göttingen .

Popular Tags

bees, plant diversity, pollination, pde, R, spatial autocorrelation, species distribution modelling

Project list (links to second page - under construction)

Urban Bees

Agent-based modelling of foraging solitary bees at the landscape scale

The role of biodiversity in controlling biogeochemical processes under experimental climate change in grassland

Quantitative description of pollination networks

Statistical Ecology - Ecological Statistics

Species distribution modelling