ABMland – A generic framework for collaborative agent-based model development

ABMland is a framework for collaboratively developing agent-based models within a spatially explicit and joint environment. It covers three main issues: common scheduling, explicit data exchange, and full functionality even if agents are only partially implemented. ABMland simulates urban land use change and is implemented in Java building upon Repast Simphony. Compared to existing tools, ABMland allows for collaborative implementation of agent-based models and parallel model development while simplifying the coding process.


Nina Schwarz nina.schwarz@ufz.de,
Daniel Kahlenberg daniel.kahlenberg@ufz.de


Nina Schwarz, Daniel Kahlenberg, Dagmar Haase, Ralf Seppelt (2012): A generic framework for collaborative agent-based model development. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation. 15(2): 8. Online available: jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk