High-resolution 3-D dielectric property models of the shallow subsurface: Integrating direct-push and georadar data

Duration: 2008-2011 (33 Monate)

Funding: DFG

Partner: University of Potsdam

Within the past decades, georadar data analysis has been established as one of the key geophysical technologies for exploring the shallow surface. In typical geological, environmental, and engineering applications, the technique provides 2D/3D images of the subsurface. However, the analysis of resulting reflection images is usually limited to structural information.

This research project wants to develop advanced analysis schemes to improve the depth oriented quantitative interpretation of georadar reflection data. The core of the planned development is the integration of direct-push parameter information into georadar processing and interpretation flow. The resulting 2D/3D depth calibrated dielectric parameter information would also provide a link to additional important petrophysical parameters (e.g. water content or porosity), a prerequisite for many site characterization studies.