Development and Evaluation of new analysis and interpretation approaches for 2D/3D georadar data.

Duration: 2008-2011 (46 months)

Funding: BMBF

Partner: University of Tel Aviv

Extracting the maximum amount of groundwater by using optimized resources management procedures and maintaining groundwater quality are two fundamental challenges in today's modern world.
The main objective of the common project is the development of methods and technologies for improving the determination of statistical characteristics of aquifers and the up-scaling of locally estimated results.
The MET Department will focus on the enhancement of Direct Push methods, for rapid and inexpensive in-situ measurement of hydraulic conductivity and the application of such measurements in the statistical characterization of aquifers. Simultaneously, the Fluid Mechanics Department at the Tel Aviv University (Israel) will develop stochastic models of water flow around pumping wells in aquifers of spatially variable permeability.