Regional Sustainability − Bridging Resource Conservation and Economic Development


Prof. John Gowdy, Prof. Jon Erickson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dept. of Economics, Troy, N.Y., USA


Drittmittelprojekt gefördert durch den DAAD (deutsche Seite) und die NSF (amerikanische Seite) im Rahmen des projektbezogenen Personenaustausches


01/2001 − 12/2002


The objective of this project is the formulation of environmentally sustainable regional development options within watersheds in the Northeastern United States and in East Germany. Specific goals to be pursued include the derivation of valuation criteria of regional sustainability, modeling and evaluating trade-offs associated with adjustments in a region's socio-economic activities and their impact on selected environmental criteria, and a comparative analysis of selected policy instruments to implement sustainable development options for natural resources management and conservation policies.