Multi-criteria Evaluation and Decision Aid for Conflicts Between Land Use and Biodiversity Conservation


01/2002 − 03/2006


Conflicts between land use and biodiversity conservation are characterised by uncertainty on two levels:

  1. Prognostic uncertainties: Which are the exact consequences that are caused by certain actions? The interaction between ecological, social and economic factors reduces the reliability of prognostics to a great extent.
  2. Value-uncertainties: Which basic values or interests have to be taken into account in decision making processes? The consideration of non-persons (non-human entities or future persons) complicates the task of finding a conclusive response to this question.

Furthermore, it has to be taken into account that biodiversity conservation often is not possible without the support of the land user. Therefore, decision and conflict resolution procedures have to be open to citizen participation.

The aim of this research project is to explore whether the use of multi criteria decision aid helps to resolve conflicts between land use and biodiversity conservation. Here, applied research projects are considered (projects concerning conflicts between fisheries and biodiversity conservation and concerning biological invasions) as well as ethical reflections.