WP 1: Advanced sensing, fingerprinting and monitoring

This WP forms the methodological ‘backbone’ of the IP and utilises the advanced monitoring and sensing infrastructures in the TERENO and WESS catchments in order to generate compatible data sets. These data will be available at unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution to adequately capture the dominant space and time patterns in matter fluxes.

In a data driven top-down approach these data sets are used to identify functional zones (hot spots) and process dynamics (hot moments) for the target substances in catchments that differ in size, topography, land use, geology and soils. In addition detailed observations in reservoirs and their sediments (as archives) are conducted to investigate the integrated response of the catchment to environmental factors like seasonality, meteorological extreme events and land use. Work in WP 1 also includes the development of new and the refinement and improvement of existing sensing, fingerprinting, and analytical techniques (e.g. remote sensing, isotopes, FTICR-MS).

Data basis in the IP

DMP Please find a link to the UFZ Data Online Search Portal below. Just write a field site name, sensor name, parameter, or a person's name which you are interested in and you get all Meta-Data you need. Either you then use the link DMP (Data management portal) or you contact the responsible person. Please be aware that you need certain rights to see and get data via the DMP. In the case of questions, please contact Ute Wollschläger .

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K Rinke

Dr. Karsten Rinke
Lake Research Department
UFZ Magdeburg