Work Package 4 - Informing and designing policies for sustainable landscapes

The WP agenda is rooted in qualitative and quantitative social research with a strong interdisciplinary character - between different social science disciplines and natural sciences (UPOL, OEKON, UPR,SUSOZ, NSF).

The Work Package 4 deals with the following interconnected lines of research:

Research on societal perceptions, values, behavior, and policy options

  • What are the societal implications and people’s values and perceptions of land use options?
  • How to include knowledge on human behavior (e.g. farmers) into modelling and policy design?
  • How to design effective and legitimate policy, financing, and governance instruments for sustainable land use and biodiversity conservation?
  • Which governance instruments are needed?
  • Governance, policy, and societal context for modeling / socio-economic indicators

Science-society-policy interfaces (SPIs)

  • What are the knowledge and research needs from policy and practice?
  •  Which knowledge, tools and guidance can scientists provide to support natural resource policy and management?
  • How can science-policy-processes be improved?
  • How to enhance networks, interfaces, and civil society participation?

Ongoing core projects

  • Horizon-scanning for ecosystem services research (M. Darbi)
  • Land-use scenarios for Germany for agriculture, forestry (including scenario development and analysis with stakeholders) (J. Priess)
  • ‘Ecosystem Services’ in international environmental cooperation – evaluating past experiences and future potential to define a practice-driven research agenda (J. Rode, A. Berghöfer)
  •  Horizon-scanning on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their application at the UFZ (K.Jax, M. Darbi)

 Lead Scientists

     Dr. Julian Rode
    Department of Environmental Politics


     Marianne Darbi
    Department of Conservation Biology


     Dr. Bartosz Bartkowski
    Department of Economics


  • Berghöfer, Augustin (UPOL)
  • Dreßler, Gunnar (OESA)
  • Egli, Lukas (OESA)
  • Felipe-Lucia, Maria (ESS)
  • Förster, Johannes (UPOL)
  • Groth, Juliane (CLE)
  • Hagemann, Nina ( OEKON)
  • Heinz, Nicolai (UPOL)
  • Hermans, Kathleen (CLE)
  • Jax, Kurt (NSF)
  • Kaim, Andrea (CLE)
  • Marquard, Elisabeth (NSF)
  • Massenberg, Julian (OEKON)
  • Möckel, Stefan (UPR)
  • Müller, Birgit (OESA)
  • Priess, Jörg (CLE)
  • Raab, Kristina (NSF)
  • Schröter, Matthias (CLE)
  • Schröter-Schlaack, Christoph (OEKON)
  • Slabbert, Eleonore (BZF)
  • Strauch, Michael (CLE)
  • Vandewalle, Marie (NSF)
  • Will, Meike (OESA)
  • Wittmer, Heidi (UPOL)
  • Wolf, Christine (UPOL)