Becoming and being parents

The UFZ Family Support Office offers employees advisory services on combining caring work and paid work. Find out more about maternity leave, parental leave, returning to work and childcare on this page.


Here you will find advice on what to keep in mind before and after the birth and who to contact if you have any questions:


The Personnel Service within the department People and Culture calculates the maternity leave period based on your proof of the expected date of birth (e.g. maternity records).
No. The application is submitted to your health insurance company by the team Personnel Service of the department People and Culture.

Acknowledgment of paternity can be declared at the responsible youth welfare office, but also at a notary or to the registration office. The declaration can also be made before birth.

In principle, you can apply for child benefit from the day your child is born. The application can already be submitted before birth, but only becomes effective when the birth certificate is submitted subsequently.

Use your city's parent portal when searching for a childcare place for your child. Upon registration, you will receive a reference number or child ID, which you will need for admission to a daycare center.
You can find information about the UFZ cooperation facilities on this page under the menu item Childcare and submit an application if you meet the requirements and if needed.


The aim of maternity protection law is to ensure the best possible health protection for pregnant and breastfeeding persons and their children. This is to enable a self-determined decision about paid work.

The Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz, MuSchG) applies to pregnant and breastfeeding persons who are in an employment relationship. The Ordinance on the Protection of Mothers at Work (MuSchArbV) specifies this health protection against hazards at the workplace (e.g. hazardous substances, infectious agents).

In order for the UFZ to comply with the maternity protection regulations, you should inform the Personnel Service (Intranet) about your pregnancy as soon as possible. A copy of the maternity records showing the expected date of delivery is sufficient for this purpose.
Information on statutory maternity protection, protection periods and maternity benefits can be found on the Family portal of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs .

Questions concerning the workplace are also answered by the company medical team of the UFZ .


In cooperation with your organizational unit, the staff unit Work Safety and Environmental Protection (ASU) will carry out a risk assessment for your activity in accordance with MuSchArbV.

If you work in the laboratory, you might be banned from entering the laboratory. Exceptions can be approved if you as the expectant person and your child are not endangered by hazardous substances (toxic, carcinogenic, etc.). This requires a written declaration from your line manager to ASU.

Contact person ASU: Frank Täschner


If the previous workplace cannot be redesigned in accordance with the legal requirements, another suitable workplace needs to be offered to you. If this is not possible, the UFZ has to release you partially or completely from work for you own protection and the protection of your child. Therefore the company medical team and the ASU staff cooperate. In case the risk cannot be conclusively assessed, it might also be that you are not allowed to work during that time.
Examinations and consultations are generally voluntary for pregnant persons. Only if you agree, the test result will be forwarded to the UFZ.

An individual prohibition to work can be issued by a medical specialist with a certificate if the work endangers your health and/or the health of your child. The certificate should contain information that is as precise as possible and generally understandable. In particular, it should also state whether lighter work or reduced working hours remain permissible.

Contact with the company medical team can be arranged via ASU (phone: +49 341 235 1284).

Contact Staff ASU: Frank Täschner


The Personnel Service of the department People and Culture calculates the maternity leave period based on your proof of the expected date of birth (e.g. maternity records).
No. The application is submitted to your health insurance company by the Personnel Service of the department People and Culture.

Parental leave is a break from paid work for parents who care for and raise their children themselves.

You can apply for parental leave for a total of 36 months. You can use up to 24 months of unused parental leave between the third and eighth year of your child's life.

For parental leave up to the third year of your child's life, an application period of seven weeks must be taken into account, from the third year of life 13 weeks.


If you wish, think about keeping in touch during parental leave and plan your re-entry according to your individual needs and discuss this with your line manager.

Before parental leave

Discuss with your line manager:

  • your needs and the general conditions of maternity and parental leave
  • ensuring access to the IT workplace
  • initial ideas about returning to work

On this website you will find further information on maternity protection and parental leave.

During parental leave

If you wish, you are welcome to use the opportunity to stay in contact with the UFZ/your team during your parental leave. Before your return, a re-entry interview with your line manager offers the opportunity to discuss the following topics:

  • Tasks and work organisational framework conditions
  • Time schedule and contact persons during the re-entry phase
  • Employee development needs

Your re-entry

For your re-entry, the following options can be considered:

  • a handover meeting and introduction to the activities by your contact persons
  • the arrangement of follow-up appointments with your line manager during the re-entry phase.

On this website you can find information about the offers of the UFZ, which may support your re-entry.


The UFZ cooperates with external childcare facilities in Leipzig and Halle to provide places for children of employees. Children from the age of 12 months, in individual cases also younger children, can be admitted there. The costs of childcare are borne by the parents themselves.

Employees of the UFZ who have an employment contract with a term of at least 12 months are eligible to apply for these cooperation places.

Employees with shorter employment contracts and guests are also welcome to contact the Family Support Office for advice on finding childcare options.

Cooperation kindergartens

The daycare center "Weinberg" operated by the Studentenwerk Halle is located in the immediate vicinity of the campus and can be easily reached on foot from the UFZ Halle.

As soon as your child is born, you can fill out the Childcare application form (Intranet) for further placement.

This Application form of the Studentenwerk Halle (German) is to be sent supplementary by email directly to the facility .
Please also mention your affiliation with the UFZ on the form.

Parent-child office

The UFZ Leipzig and Halle offer a special office to use if you bring your child to work. These offices are equipped with a PC workstation and telephone as well as baby-changing, play and sleeping facilities for children.

In Leipzig, the parent-child room with the following equipment is located in the basement of building 1.3, room 021.


  • PC workstation
  • Telephone (Tel: 1627)
  • Changing table
  • Crib
  • Nursing chair
  • Toys and books for children of different ages
  • Table and chairs each for younger and older children

Registration and keys

The registration takes place via the UFZ room booking system.
The key can be borrowed from the Family Support Office, phone +49 341 235 1749, antje.grusa@ufz.de or from the PACE assistance, phone +49 341 235 1274.

Parent-child office with KidsBox at the UFZ Halle

To enable you to look after your children at the UFZ Halle and also to carry out important work, room E03 on the first floor has been converted so that it is available both for medical and physiotherapeutic examinations and as a parent-child office.


  • PC workstation
  • Telephone
  • Doctor/treatment couch
  • KidsBox, equipped with travel crib, also suitable as playpen; diaper changing facility; books, toys and coloring materials for children of different ages; folding mattress and sleeping mat for crawling and playing on the floor; table and stool for somewhat older children; clamp seat for docking to the desk
  • Disinfection and first aid equipment

Registration and keys

Registration is possible via the UFZ room booking system .
The key can be borrowed from the following assistants at UFZ Halle: Julia Sandow (phone +49 345 558 5402), Antje Heyne (phone +49 345 558 5203) or Ellen Selent (phone +49 345 5585302).


The registration of UFZ children is possible via the Family Support Office of the UFZ. From there, contact is made with the daycare center. Our contact person there allocates the places according to capacity. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a place for UFZ children.

Please contact the UFZ Family Support Office as soon as possible after the birth of your child.

You can also use the Registration form for day care (Intranet).


Children of UFZ employees have the option to attend a summer holiday camp.

Each year a one-week school holiday camp on the premises of the Science Park Leipzig and a holiday camp week of the Helmholtz Association are offered.

Further information

Holiday camp

The school holiday camp was launched in 2012 as a cooperation between UFZ and Amöba - Verein für Umweltbildung e.V.

At UFZ Leipzig, we are again planning a holiday camp during the summer vacations for children from completed 1st grade to completed 5th grade (approx. 7 to 12 years). We are planning activities, nature and environmental education, creativity and crafts, as well as excursions. The exact program contents are being worked out.

Periods: 15. to 19.08.2022 and 22. to 26.08.2022.

Supervision time: 08:00 - 17:00; core time 09:00 - 15:30 or 16:30 on excursion days.

Participation fee per child of UFZ employees incl. meals, material and travel costs: 130,- €.
The total cost for participating grandchildren and external participants is 280,- € per week.

Please send your registration until 31.05.2022 to:
Amöba - Association for Environmental Education e.V., Ms. Nikola Allinger: n.allinger@amoeba-umweltbildung.de .

Application form School Holiday Camp 2022 in the Science Park Leipzig

The school holiday camp is organised by Amöba - Verein für Umweltbildung e.V. and financially supported by the Förderverein der Freunde und Förderer des UFZ e.V. and the UFZ. In case of Corona-related cancellation of the camp by the UFZ or Amöba e.V., there will be no costs for you.

Helmholtz holiday camp

In the summer of 2022, we are planning the Helmholtz Association's third nationwide Helmholtz Holiday Camp. The camp for children aged 8 - 14 years will take place from July 31 to August 05, 2022 (Sunday arrival day) on the premises of the JUFA Hotel Jülich in the Brückenkopfpark.

Arrival and departure

In cooperation with another Helmholtz Centre the UFZ organises the arrival and departure of the children of UFZ employees.


The nearby research center invites to learn more about basic research in Jülich. In the JuLab school laboratory, the children will have the opportunity to pursue their curiosity and conduct their own experiments on the topics of physics and biology. In addition to this program, there will be excursions into the surrounding area, a sports program, cinema, campfire and much more.


The costs for this week amount to 230,00 Euro. These costs include the stay on site, full board, all program points, all excursions as well as the supervision. For siblings the amount is reduced by 20,00 Euro each. The costs for arrival and departure will be charged additionally.

The registration period for 2022 is already closed.