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Information for line managers

For your role as a line manager of employees with needs for reconciliation of paid and care work, we have compiled the following information.

In this handout, you will find information on what issues to consider before, during and after your employees take family-related time off:

Further information

Further information on maternity protection and parental leave can be found on this website in the section "Become a parent and be a parent"

Childcare Facilities

In Leipzig and Halle the UFZ cooperates with day-care centers that support us in finding childcare places for UFZ employees. Children from the age of 12 months, in individual cases also younger children, can stay there. Eligible to apply for these cooperation places are employees of the UFZ who have an employment contract with a term of at least 12 months remaining.
Employees with shorter employment contracts and guests can also seek advice from the family support office when looking for childcare options.

Parent-child room

Parents have the possibility to use the parent-child rooms of the UFZ Leipzig and Halle, which are equipped with a PC workstation and telephone as well as changing, playing and sleeping facilities for children:

In Leipzig, the parent-child room with the following equipment is located in the basement of building 1.3, room 021.


  • PC workstation
  • Telephone (Tel: 1627)
  • Changing table
  • Crib
  • Nursing chair
  • Toys and books for children of different ages
  • Table and chairs each for younger and older children

Registration and keys
The registration takes place via the UFZ room booking system
The key can be borrowed from the family office, phone +49 341 235 1749, or from the PACE assistance, phone +49 341 235 1274.

Parent-child office with KidsBox at the UFZ Halle

To enable you to look after your children in emergencies at the UFZ Halle and also to do important work, room E03 on the first floor has been converted so that it is available for medical and physiotherapeutic examinations as well as for use as a parent-child office.


  • PC workstation
  • Telephone
  • Doctor/treatment couch
  • KidsBox, equipped with travel crib, also suitable as playpen; diaper changing facility; books, toys and coloring materials for children of different ages; folding mattress and sleeping mat for crawling and playing on the floor; table and stool for somewhat older children; clamp seat for docking to the desk
  • Disinfection and first aid equipment

Registration and keys
Registration is done through the UFZ room booking system .
The key can be borrowed from the following assistants at the UFZ site in Halle: Julia Sandow (phone +49 345 558 5402), Antje Heyne (phone +49 345 558 5203) or Ellen Selent (phone +49 345 5585302).


If you have any questions about school registration, please feel free to refer your international employees to the advisory services offered by the Family Support Office.

In addition to their professional activities, caregivers are faced with the challenging task of caring for a person in need of care. Here we provide information on the legal basis and UFZ measures to help employees cope with this heavy burden.

There are various care insurance benefits that caregivers can claim:

Short-term work prevention Care time - Medium-term care Family care time - Long-term care
  • complete exemption up to ten days for organising a new care situation
  • care support allowance
  • full or partial exemption for up to six months
  • entitlement to interest-free loan
  • partial exemption (minimum working time 15 hrs/week for up to 24 months)
  • entitlement to interest-free loan

Detailed information can be found in the "Related links" section.

In addition, the following leave options of the TVÖD or the Part-Time Temporary Employment Act may be considered:

  • Special leave pursuant to § 29 TVöD
  • Special leave pursuant to § 28 TVöD (unpaid leave)
  • Part-time employment according to § 11 TVöD or § 8 TzBfG (other personal reasons)

For individual advice, please contact the Family Support Office and/or the personnel officers (Intranet) .

Further measures

Further measures of the UFZ for combining care work and paid work can be found on the page "UFZ measures".

The Family Support Office also provides information for line managers in their own, individual reconciliation situation. You can find more detailed information on this, in particular on the web pages on parenthood and care.