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How can the need for context-specific information in politics, business, administration and civil society be adressed to ensure the political relevance of research?

Through our social science research at existing science-politics-society interfaces, obstacles and weak points can be identified. On this basis, the UFZ develops needs-based processes in order to be able to develop solutions together with stakeholders.

Some of our research projects include:

Logo INTERNAS prepares current international assessments and their analyses, options for action as well as their political significance for national policy advice in order to improve their applicability.

Head: Dr. Heidi Wittmer
Duration: April 2018 - August 2021

Logo EKLIPSE is a project funded by the EU that creates sustainable and innovative access to knowledge about biodiversity and ecosystem services for decision-makers in Europe.

Head: Dr. Heidi Wittmer
Duration: July 2017 - November 2020

Logo Climate Engeneering ? was a programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and investigated responsible research and governance at the interface of climate change science and policy. New discourses, epistemic communities and climate policy regimes were developed.

Contact: Dr. Silke Beck
Duration: May 2013 - May 2019