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The CoLlaborative mUlti-domain Exploration of TERRestriAl metagenomes (CLUE-TERRA) is a consortium formed by scientists from 13 institutions encompassing 9 different countries.

Our main goal is to understand mechanisms of microbial community assemblage and biogeography. We will tackle this goal by reconstructing Metagenome-Assembled Genomes (MAGs). In the CLUE-TERRA consortium, microbiology meets ecology, bioinformatics and big data: we will reconstruct and analyze metagenomes from 6000 high-throughput libraries from terrestrial environments world-wide.

The analysis will cover multiple domains including prokaryotes, eukaryotes and viruses. Our genome recovery pipeline mines several databases and includes a new pipelines and algorithms to generate multi-domain information. Combining the strength of experts from a vast number of fields gives us the opportunity to answer hypotheses related to microbial communities at different angles and levels of complexity and may improve our understanding of microbial community structure, function and dynamics in a global scale.

Duration and Budget

2019-2022, 1.5 Million Euro (Helmholtz Young Investigator Grant)