In the DFG-funded project HECTARE (Homogenisation of ECosystem functioning between Temperate and Neotropical streams due to AgRicultural land usE) the effects of land use on ecosystem functioning are tested. Further information may be found here.

Recent flume experiments within MOBICOS were conducted to test whether whole-stream and compartment-specific uptake of terrestrial dissolved organic matter (t-DOM) differs between a natural stream (Wormsgraben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) and an agricultural stream (Hassel, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany), and to which extent this is driven by different biofilm communities. For that purpose, biofilms were cultured for four weeks in flumes operated as bypasses to the streams, and an isotopically enriched tracer (leachate from rye grass, 99 at% 13C, 15N) was added to both flumes and streams.
HECTARE flumes
Experimental setup in MOBICOS to test for differences in t-DOM uptake by biofilms.