The simulation model CANDY has been developed to describe carbon and nitrogen dynamics in arable soils in order to provide information about C stocks in soils, organic matter turnover, N uptake by crops, leaching and water quality. It consists of a modular system of sub models and a data base system for model parameters, initial values, weather data, soil management data and measurement values. The user interface of the model provides GIS facilities that are designed to organize regional scenario simulations.

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Model specific parameters describing soil and plant properties as well as process parameters user or scenario related data to describe the agricultural management, climate and observed features

Feature of soil and crop related state variables and fluxes connected to soil organic matter, nitrogen and water

Special features are:

CANDY calculates a biological active time which allows the assessment of organic matter turnover for different sites and gives the possibility to calculate the steady state of soil organic matter.
A weather generator gives the possibility to simulate long term scenarios repeating a given crop rotation several times
The model provides different methods to calculate inert soil organic matter
The user interface includes a number of features for the model evaluation and calibration..