Development and enhancement of carbon-iron-composite materials for sorption and degradation of "conventional" and "new" halogenated groundwater contaminants - ContaSorb

  ■ Title: ContaSorb
  ■ Financing: BMBF project
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Taking nanotechnological remediation processes from lab scale to end user applications for the restoration of a clean environment – NANOREM

  ■ Title: NANOREM
  ■ Financing: EU-Project
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Microbial synthesis and recycling of hybrid palladium-nanocatalysts and their application for treatment of environmental pollutants – NanoPOP
UFZ –project part: environmental catalysis and protection of palladium-nanocatalysts

  ■ Title: NANOPOP
  ■ Financing: BMBF
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) for the sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Organic Materials from the Sanitation Sector and its Application in the Biochar/Sewachar-Concept

  ■ Title: Carbowert
  ■ Financing: BMELV
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Iron-based nanoparticles and nano-composite materials for remediation of pollutants from ground- and waste waters

  ■ Title: Fe-NANOSIT
  ■ Financing: BMBF
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Development of reusable catalysts for Fenton-like processes based on the use of nanoparticles - heterogeneous catalysis instead of homogeneous catalysis

  ■ Title: Fentonkat
  ■ Financing: DAAD
  ■ Contact: Dr. A. Georgi

Innovation through application of the radio-wave technology in construction engineering

  ■ Title: RW Bau
  ■ Financing: BMBF
  ■ Contact: Dr. U. Roland

Biomass and bioenerty systems – processing for biogas 

  ■ Title: Bioenergie
  ■ Financing: Impuls- und Vernetzungsfond der HGF
  ■ Contact: Dr. M. Kraus

Spectroscopic quality control of biogas washing waters

  ■ Title: BIOAMIN
  ■ Financing: FNR
  ■ Contact: Dr. U. Roland

Participation at Graduate School Leipzig School of Natural Sciences– Building with Molecules and Nano-objects

  ■ Title: BuildMoNa
  ■ Financing: DFG
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie