Model test for the use of contaminated aquifers for heat management with ATES plants (KONATES)

  ■ Title: KONATES
  ■ Financing: BMBF-project
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

In the innovation network RWTec, several projects are being worked on regarding diverse application possibilities of radio wave technology.

The company foundation RWInnoTec, winner of the Innovation Award Leipzig 2022, is one of the most important results of this network.

  Title: RWTec Network
  Financing: Several third-party donors (see list)
  Contact: Dr. Ulf Roland

Technology development for sustainable water management:
Groundwater protection through areal treatment of PFAS-contaminated soils by on-site soil elution and water treatment by electrostimulated activated carbon (FABEKO)

  ■ Title: FABEKO
  ■ Financing: BMBF-project (KMU Innovativ)
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Sound source identification and degradation assessment of polyfluorinated surfactants (PFTs) in the water cycle using component-specific isotope analysis and diagnostic ratios

  ■ Title: Fate-PFT
  ■ Financing: BMBF-project (KMU Innovativ)
  ■ Contact: Dr. Anett Georgi

Development and further development of carbon iron composite materials for sorption and destruction of "conventional" and "new" halogenated groundwater pollutants - ContaSorb

  ■ Title: ContaSorb
  ■ Financing: BMBF-project
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Nanotechnology remediation techniques from laboratory scale to end-user applications for restoring a clean environment - NANOREM

  ■ Title: NANOREM
  ■ Financing: EU-project
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Microbial synthesis and recycling of hybrid palladium-nanocatalysts and their application for treatment of environmental pollutants – NanoPOP
UFZ –project part: environmental catalysis and protection of palladium-nanocatalysts

  ■ Title: NANOPOP
  ■ Financing: BMBF
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) for the sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Organic Materials from the Sanitation Sector and its Application in the Biochar/Sewachar-Concept

  ■ Title: Carbowert
  ■ Financing: BMELV
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Iron-based nanoparticles and nano-composite materials for remediation of pollutants from ground- and waste waters

  ■ Title: Fe-NANOSIT
  ■ Financing: BMBF
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie

Development of reusable catalysts for Fenton-like processes based on the use of nanoparticles - heterogeneous catalysis instead of homogeneous catalysis

  ■ Title: Fentonkat
  ■ Financing: DAAD
  ■ Contact: Dr. A. Georgi

Innovation through application of the radio-wave technology in construction engineering

  ■ Title: RW Bau
  ■ Financing: BMBF
  ■ Contact: Dr. U. Roland

Biomass and bioenerty systems – processing for biogas 

  ■ Title: Bioenergie
  ■ Financing: Impuls- und Vernetzungsfond der HGF
  ■ Contact: Dr. M. Kraus

Spectroscopic quality control of biogas washing waters

  ■ Title: BIOAMIN
  ■ Financing: FNR
  ■ Contact: Dr. U. Roland

Participation at Graduate School Leipzig School of Natural Sciences– Building with Molecules and Nano-objects

  ■ Title: BuildMoNa
  ■ Financing: DFG
  ■ Contact: Dr. K. Mackenzie