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DOI 10.1016/j.wasec.2021.100097
Document accepted manuscript
Title (Primary) The suitability of water scarcity indicators to the Indian context
Author Singh, R.; Kumar, R.
Journal Water Security
Year 2021
Department CHS
Volume 14
Page From art. 100097
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords Water scarcity; India; Metrics; Blue water; Green water; Population
Abstract Quantifying the spatiotemporal variation of water scarcity is critical for identifying strategies to support sustainable management of water resources and associated food-energy systems. To this end, several assessments have attempted to provide a global mapping of water scarcity with a number of underlying methodological choices. Scarcity metrics vary in their definitions and thresholds for scarce conditions to prevail. We review these methodologies in the context of the biophysical and socio-economic setting of India. We suggest four avenues for improving metric assessments to increase policy relevance: incorporation of surface water- groundwater interactions along with non-renewable groundwater resources, accounting for minimum environmental flows, consideration of deep uncertainties, and addressing underlying socio-economic disparities in metric assessment.
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Singh, R., Kumar, R. (2021):
The suitability of water scarcity indicators to the Indian context
Water Secur. 14 , art. 100097