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DOI 10.1126/science.aan2506
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Titel (primär) Changing climate shifts timing of European floods
Autor Blöschl, G.; Hall, J.; Parajka, J.; Perdigão, R.A.P.; Merz, B.; Arheimer, B.; Aronica, G.T.; Bilibashi, A.; Bonacci, O.; Borga, M.; Čanjevac, I.; Castellarin, A.; Chirico, G.B.; Claps, P.; Fiala, K.; Frolova, N.; Gorbachova, L.; Gül, A.; Hannaford, J.; Harrigan, S.; Kireeva, M.; Kiss, A.; Kjeldsen, T.R.; Kohnová, S.; Koskela, J.J.; Ledvinka, O.; Macdonald, N.; Mavrova-Guirguinova, M.; Mediero, L.; Merz, R.; Molnar, P.; Montanari, A.; Murphy, C.; Osuch, M.; Ovcharuk, V.; Radevski, I.; Rogger, M.; Salinas, J.L.; Sauquet, E.; Šraj, M.; Szolgay, J.; Viglione, A.; Volpi, E.; Wilson, D.; Zaimi, K.; Živković, N.
Quelle Science
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Department CATHYD
Band/Volume 357
Heft 6351
Seite von 588
Seite bis 590
Sprache englisch
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Abstract A warming climate is expected to have an impact on the magnitude and timing of river floods; however, no consistent large-scale climate change signal in observed flood magnitudes has been identified so far. We analyzed the timing of river floods in Europe over the past five decades, using a pan-European database from 4262 observational hydrometric stations, and found clear patterns of change in flood timing. Warmer temperatures have led to earlier spring snowmelt floods throughout northeastern Europe; delayed winter storms associated with polar warming have led to later winter floods around the North Sea and some sectors of the Mediterranean coast; and earlier soil moisture maxima have led to earlier winter floods in western Europe. Our results highlight the existence of a clear climate signal in flood observations at the continental scale.
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Blöschl, G., Hall, J., Parajka, J., Perdigão, R.A.P., Merz, B., Arheimer, B., Aronica, G.T., Bilibashi, A., Bonacci, O., Borga, M., Čanjevac, I., Castellarin, A., Chirico, G.B., Claps, P., Fiala, K., Frolova, N., Gorbachova, L., Gül, A., Hannaford, J., Harrigan, S., Kireeva, M., Kiss, A., Kjeldsen, T.R., Kohnová, S., Koskela, J.J., Ledvinka, O., Macdonald, N., Mavrova-Guirguinova, M., Mediero, L., Merz, R., Molnar, P., Montanari, A., Murphy, C., Osuch, M., Ovcharuk, V., Radevski, I., Rogger, M., Salinas, J.L., Sauquet, E., Šraj, M., Szolgay, J., Viglione, A., Volpi, E., Wilson, D., Zaimi, K., Živković, N. (2017):
Changing climate shifts timing of European floods
Science 357 (6351), 588 - 590 10.1126/science.aan2506