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Drug lifecycle control in Subsaharan Africa

From production to responsible safe disposal and elimination in wastewater treatment plants


Participants of the Workshop "Drug lifecycle control in Subsaharan Africa"

The aim of this workshop was a gathering of scientists, postdocs and doctoral students, as well as of stakeholders from academia, government authorities and industry, to initiate research activities on the drug lifecycle stages which are of relevance for the African continent.

In the context of this workshop, drug lifecycle is understood as the stages from the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, through drug manufacturing, quality control, drug procurement/storage/distribution, up to the safe disposal of expired drugs as well as wastewater treatment for removal of drugs and drug metabolites. Geographically, we concentrated on the United Republic of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda and Nigeria. All these countries are faced with major challenges in the topics named above, and, as a result, there is a great need for additional research, both in the interest of the availability, accessibility and affordability of medicines of good quality for therapeutic purposes, and in the interest of the environment and human, animal, and plant health. The additional aim of the workshop was to catalyze cooperative research proposals and activities by workshop participants across different countries and different fields of expertise.

Stages of the drug lifecycle covered in the workshop


Drug Lifecycle Control in Sub-Saharan Africa - Book of Abstracts


Workshop presentations (Author: Roland Müller, UFZ)

Welcome address

Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients

Nature-Derived Medicines

Drug Manufacturing

Drug Quality Control

Drug Procurement, Storage and Distribution (Logistics)

Safe Disposal of Expired Drugs

Wastewater Treatment to Remove Toxic and Environmentally Problematic Drug Substances and Metabolites

Medicine Regulation and Regulatory Harmonization

Case studies

Julia Gabel gives instructions to the TLC analyses (Author: Roland Müller, UFZ)
Visit of Tanzania Medicines & Medical Devices Authority TMDA in Arusha
Visit of TMDA Arusha


Safety Guideline for Minilab Users


Workshop participants (Author: Roland Müller, UFZ)