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The Career Coffee Talks take place regularly on the last Thursday of each month from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. After a short keynote, there is the opportunity to exchange ideas and network.

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Programme 2024


27 June (Online)

I Want Your Feedback! - How to Give and Receive Constructive Criticism

(Stephan Pfob - Berlin Alley  GmbH)

Stephan Pfob
Stephan Pfob
Feedback is crucial for teamwork and learning. But many of us struggle with it. It's a skill that often
goes untaught and the conventions of our work environment are not too helpful either. How can
we give feedback that is direct and caring? How can we take it less personally? How can we get it from
busy people? Join us to learn best practices and share experiences on making feedback work for you
and your team.

Stephan Pfob is Smart Work Guide and CEO of Berlin Alley, specialized in work culture, feedback
and the psychology of sustainable work. He has extensive experience in different fields, from academia
to administration, to teaching, project management and information design. With his colleagues, he
has written a practical guide to appreciation and operates the soft skill platform Toolbox für Gute Arbeit. He is a coach at Science & Startups (Berlin) and trainer for TUM (Munich) since 2020.


23 May (Online)

Using LinkedIn's Big Data - How to connect and enhance your visibility

(Dr Maia George)


25. April (Online)

Micropolitics in Academia: Navigating Power Play

(Sibyl Schädeli)

©Who is Danny/freepik

21 March (Online)

Career Paths to a Professorship in Germany

(Katharina Helmig)


29 February (Online)

How to turn science into a story

(Tim Schröder)

open green door ©freepik

25 January (Online)

How to Get into the German Job Market
- Crucial Facts for Planning your Career in Germany

(Dr Philippa Cook)

Hands holding microphones, question marks in the middel; verändert nach ©freepik

30 November (online)

Typical Job Interview Questions Outside Academia

(Meike Schoon)

Brain relaxed, Lightning arround; ©freepik

26 October (on-site)

UFZ, KUBUS, hall 2

Embracing Life's Surprises #Resilience #Self-Leadership

(Dr Christiane Kasack)

Guy putting money into a light bulb; ©vectorjuice/freepik

29 June (online)

Fuel Your Research: Unlocking Funding Strategies!

(Sabine Preusse)

Guy getting an award; ©pch.vector/freepik

25 May (on-site: building 4.0, room 101)

Hidden champion: Becoming an “FH Professor”

(Guests: Carolin Helbig, Marianne Darbi - Hochschule Geisenheim)

Wow; ©pch.vector/freepik

27 April (online)

You are qualified and competent - your audience should hear, see and feel that!

(Katharina Padleschat)

Employable; ©rawpixel/freepik

30 March (online)

Years not lost: how to stay employable in academia and other work environments

(Dr Karin Bodewits)

Decision-making; ©upklyak/freepik

23 February (online)

Riddled with decisions: tips to cope with uncertainty

(Vicent Botella-Soler)

Fears of being found out; ©  Career Center

24 November (1:30pm - 2:30pm)

Such a fake? – How to deal with Imposter Phenomenon!

Genießen als Introvertierte und Extrovertierte Person ; © Career Center/ Camva

27 October (1:30 - 2:30 pm)

How to survive as an introvert in a world of constant performance

(Anne Mazuga)

Dschungel;  © Career Center/ Canva

30 June (1:30 - 2:30 pm)

Into the Jungle! – Appointment procedures at German Universities

(Matthias Schwarzkopf)

Scientists on Stage/, © Career Center/ Canva
24 May(1.30 - 2.30 pm)

Who’s afraid of center stage? – Gaining recognition as a female scientist

(Valery Forbes)

Frau mit Lupe, Wörter "Myths" und "Facts" im Hintergrund Quelle: redgreystock/freepik

28 April

Reality check - Tenure at the UFZ

(Frank Messner, ZENCO)

Faustschlag/, © macrovector/freepik

14 April (1:30 to 2:30 pm)

Solving conflicts in academic environment

(Gerhard Hartmuth)

Papiermännchen auf blauen Hintergrund, Quelle: Ilona Shorokhova/freepik

24 February

Never walk alone - Find your mentor!
(Fanny Sarrazin)

Zwei Puzzleteile, Quelle: rawpixel/freepik

27 January

It's a match! How to find a career that fits your personal strengths?
(Career Center)

The presentation slides of previous Coffee Talks are available for download on the Intranet (for interns only).

An overview of previous events in the former "Career Lunch" series is listed here:

28 January How to relax during Home Office
Anja Baran (ZENCO)
25 February Special challenges for international postdocs
Barbara Timmels (International Office)
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Adrian (Department head (shared) Environmental Biotechnology)
Dr. Chang Ding (Department Environmental Biotechnology)
25 March Brainfood for Postdocs
Caroline Laakmann und Marie-Sophie Kastl (Career Center)
29 April Parenthood and Science
Ines Thronicker (Equal Opportunities Officer)
Antje Grusa (Family Support Office)
27 May Team Roles: What is my contribution to teamwork & why is it so hard sometimes?
Anne Mazuga (Career Center)
24 June Postdocs Unite! How to set up a Postdoc Association?
Rose Burden (MDC Postdoc Office)
Giovanna Diletta Ielacqua (MCD Postdoc Association)
Desislava Boegner (AWI PostDocTeam)
Cara Nissen (AWI PostDocTeam)

Rose Burden
Rose Burden (MDC)

Rose Burden
Since 2018 I have worked at the MDC for the postdoc office (Career Center). I am responsible for organizing training events and workshops for the postdoc community, including our Career Day and Career Pathways Seminar series. The postdoc office works closely with the MDC Postdoc Association to organize events and represent the views of the postdoc community.

Giovanna Diletta Ielacqua
Giovanna Diletta Ielacqua (MDC)

Giovanna Diletta Ielacqua
I was born in Italy, where I also got my Veterinary degree and veterinary license. In 2012, I moved to Zurich for my medical doctoral study at UZH. Two years later I started a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at ETH Zurich focusing on functional MRI in mouse and rat's models of acute and chronic pain. In 2018, I moved onto my first Postdoc at Stanford University, California, where I investigated arousal circuits in mice through optogenetic fMRI. Just before the pandemic hit, I managed to move back to Europe in March 2020 where I started my second Postdoc at the MDC in Berlin. Throughout my academic career I have been involved in teaching and mentoring programs and the Association of Women in Science. I am part of the postdoc association at the MDC and we organize seminars, social events and the annual Berlin postdoc day!

Desislava Bögner
Desislava Bögner (AWI)

Desislava Bögner
I am originally from Cuba. I completed my Ph.D. at the AWI and the Jacobs University Bremen in 2013. Since 2016, I am back at the AWI as a postdoc in the working group Aquaculture Research and the section on Bioeconomy. I realised, how detached my working group and my section were from postdoc activities. Many postdocs did not know of the existence of a postdoc team or what it does, so I decided in 2018 to join the team to change that somehow. I was involved in salary issues and the organisation of the colloquium. Last year, we achieved a more transparent procedure for placing new postdocs into salary categories and invited interesting guests to the speak at the AWI. I am willing to work further in the postdoc team as I see, we can change many things to improve postdocs’ lives and who knows, maybe we can serve for better career perspectives for all of us.

Cara Nissen
Cara Nissen (AWI)

Cara Nissen
I have a PhD in Biogeochemical Modeling of the Southern Ocean from ETH Zürich and arrived at AWI for my first postdoc in January 2020, currently working on the interactions between marine biogeochemistry, ocean circulation, and the cryosphere in the Weddell Sea. I joined the Postdoc team last year in order to engage with „higher levels“ at the institute and start discussions about the issues that Early Career Researchers are facing. Additionally, having been quite new at AWI when the pandemic hit, joining the postdoc team was a great way to meet other postdocs at the institute.  

29 July Get Your Digital Conversation Started - Tips and Tricks for Online Networking
Elena und Martin R. Lichtenthaler

Elena Lichtenthaler
Elena Lichtenthaler
Martin R. Lichtenthaler
Martin R. Lichtenthaler

Elena Lichtenthaler (MA) und Martin R. Lichtenthaler (PhD, MBA)

Elena and Martin are seasoned improvisers and applied improvisation consultants. They have worked with various Helmholtz Research Centres, the Junge Akademie, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and San Quentin State Prison.
Elena holds an MA in Chinese Studies, as well as a BSc in Economics from the University of Freiburg, Martin a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Freiburg as well as an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs, Paris.
Elena and Martin have proven track records in academia, think tanks and the private sector. Both have lived and worked in the USA, China and Japan, last as postdoctoral and visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.

28 October Alumni*ae-Talk
... with Daniel Reißmann
Daniel Reißmann
Daniel Reißmann

During his doctorate, Daniel was already working at the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt – UBA) in parallel. Today, still working at UBA, he continues to work at UFZ as a visiting scientist. Take the opportunity to ask Daniel questions about his career so far or how do you apply best for a job at the German Environment Agency.  

25 November Inclusiveness – How do we foster empowerment and innovation in our teams?
Nina Bessing
Nina Bessing
Nina Bessing

Nina Bessing is a communication trainer, coach and organizational developer. As a trainer and coach she is specialized in the field of unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, powerful communication, personal growth and branding. As an organizational developer her expertise lies in the topics of women in management positions and diversity management. Nina Bessing has conducted diversity trainings for Deutsche Bahn, BASF, Porsche, FU Berlin, TU Berlin, Investitionsbank Berlin, Landesbank Berlin, Caritas, Deutsche Telekom and many other organizations.  She worked for more than ten years as a project manager and division manager in research.
Nina Bessing studied economics and business administration in Berlin.

The presentation slides of previous Career Lunches are available for download on the Intranet (for interns only).