Activities in 2019:

11 February: Happy Asian Spring festival at UFZ

12 May: Bycicle tour to the lakes Markkleeberg and Störmthal/coffee break at Gasthof Muckern

11 June: Excursion with Prof. Holger Weiß to the power plant station of Lippendorf and the restored area of                 Neuseenland

14 June: Eid-ul-fitr festival at UFZ: our PhDs from Pakistan invite to celebrate the end of the Ramadan

17 July: Boat trip with Prof Kurt Jax on the Leipzig canal Karl-Heine

22 August: International Summer BBQ

27 October: Guided "Free Walking Tour" on the traces of the revolution in 1989 in Leipzig (including visit of the Stasi museum "Runde Ecke")

6 December: End-of-the-year-party "Diversity of Africa" in cooperation with Leipzig Science Network (open for our network partners)