Activities in 2017:

24 January: Games afternoon: play with us around the world

14 February: Guided tour to the Leipzig Nazi forced labour memorial at UFZ

9 March: Medieval Dance evening (cancelled)

19 April: Indian Afternoon: the hidden beauty of India - realized by our Indian community at UFZ

21 May: Excursion to our neighbour town Halle and visit and picnic on the river Peißnitz island

9 June: Mining excursion to open pit mines in Pödelwitz and Neuseenland lake area with UFZ geologist                Prof. Holger Weiss

July: Summer holiday break

10 August: International Summer BBQ with rennaissance dances (taught by Dr. Mark Frenzel/UFZ)

Activities in 2018:

13 March 2018: Games afternoon

16 May 2018: Boat trip

26 June 2018: Boat trip II

29 June 2018: Eid-ul-Fitr - Muslim festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan

08 August 2018: Summer barbecue

16 September 2018: City tour Leipzig

23 November 2018: Indian Bollywood evening