Activities in 2015:

6 May: Kick off meeting

20 May: Presentation about Sudan held by Rania Saad, department UBT/Preparation of the UFZ summer party "Colourful UFZ"

10 June: German habits and peculiarities (Quiz about Germany)

16 June: Participation in the UFZ summer party "Colourful UFZ" with presentation about represented countries at UFZ and international food stands, organised by PhDs and scientists of UFZ

24 June: Presentation about the Brazilian state PERNAMBUCO held by Ellen T. R. Guimaraes, dep. UMB

15 July: International summer barbecue

12 August: Chilean afternoon with presentation (held by Ingrid Meyer Cifuentes, dep. UBT) and specialities of the longest country of the world

24 September: City tour guided by the urban scientist Prof. Dieter Rink, dep. SUSOZ

7 October: Boat trip on the canals of Plagwitz - cancelled due to bad weather

28 October: Presentation about Piranhas, Brazil, held by Athaydes F. De Leite Jr., dep. UMB

11 November: Museum visit - Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig, guided tour (English) to Exhibition "Immer bunter" (Germany as immigration country)

9 December: International Xmas Party

Activities in 2016:

5 February: Chinese Lunar New Year: party with home made Chinese food, music, games and presentations

9 March: Spanish afternoon with presentations and tacos

10 April: Bike tour to the Photographer┬┤s Museum in Markkleeberg: tour with picnic and visit of the exhibition of the East German photographer Peter Langner ("Forbidden pictures")

22 May: Boat trip on the channels of Plei├če and Karl-Heine-Kanal

14 June: Participation in the UFZ Sommerfest with a booth: coffee, cakes, pictures and games

16 July: Excursion to the rocks of Saxon Switzerland (one day trip)

16 August: International Summer BBQ (unfortunately cancelled due to illness)

14 September: City tour guided by the urban scientist Prof. Dieter Rink, dep. SUSOZ

26 October: Reading with best-selling author Adam Fletcher: How to be German

9 November: Visit of the art exhibition: Illusion - Nothing is as it seems (Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig)

6 December: St Nicholas' Party with music, buffet and suprise for kids