CCB is a simplified version of the carbon dynamic model in candy. It describes the turnover of decomposable carbon in annual time steps for average site conditions depending on crop yields and input rates of fresh organic matter. The biologtic active time is estimated from site conditions if not known from CANDY simulations.

To download the latest version of CCB, check the following link:
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Inputs: crops, yields and applied OM amount
site conditions: soil physical parameters (top soil), average rainfall and air temperature, initial organic carbon content

Outputs: dynamics of total organic carbon; SOM reproduction and Nitrogen mineralization

The CCB model aggregates the impact of soil texture and climate to the Biologic Active Time (BAT) that varies between 1 (optimal conditions) and 0. BAT can be aggregated over one year to provide a valuable indicator for the comparison of SOM turnover at different sites or time intervals
see an interactive demonstration of Biologic Active Time for different site conditions

older versions:

the versions from 2016 and 2011 incl. the database template  are still available from the following links :

use of datasets from EURO-SOMNET database 

using the following module it is possible to import dowloaded experiment data from the SOMNET database into the CCB database