PRONAS - Biodiversity in the focus of environmental education

Project leaders are Karin Ulbrich and Josef Settele.

PRONAS is the acronym for PROjections of NAture for Schools.

Can we still see the brimstone butterfly, the common toad and the spruce in 50 years? What about climate change? The software PRONAS shows how scientists handle such questions. The three basic scenarios GREEN, YELLOW, and RED describe "possible future worlds“ which include both socio-economic processes and environmental changes. A special book for teachers shows how to implement PRONAS in the "in– and-out-of-classroom-learning“.

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Climate change and dramatic loss of biodiversity are essential subjects to EU research – an outstanding example is the ALARM project (




Handbook for teachers:
Ulbrich K, Lindau A-K, Hörning C, Settele J, (Hrsg) 2011. Lebensräume von Tieren und Pflanzen simulieren - Zukunftsszenarien zum Einfluss des Klimawandels. Handreichungen zur Lernsoftware PRONAS für Schule und Umweltbildung. Pensoft Publishers Sofia-Moskau. Reprint