Working group Aquifer Biogeochemistry

Research Themes


  • Cultivation and characterization of aerobic and anaerobic contaminant-degrading microorganisms and consortia (target compounds: hydrocarbons, chloroorganics)
  • Cultivation and characterization of microorganisms related to the N- and S-cycle
  • Cultivation and characterisation of hydrogenotrophic microorganisms

Biochemistry and chemistry

  • Characterization of enzymatic or chemical reactions by multi-element compound-specifc stable isotope analysis (ME-CSIA)

Microbial ecology and geomicrobiology

  • Application of biogeochemical and stable isotope-based concepts at contaminated sites in order to (i) evaluate in situ biodegradation potentials, (ii) characterize biodegradation processes and (iii) develop Monitored or Enhanced Natural Attenuation (MNA, ENA) strategies
  • Detection and identification of microorganisms in natural communties by stable isotope probing (SIP) techniques
  • Structural characterization of subsurface microbiomes


  • Building 4.1, lab E30
  • Building 5.0, lab 206