EBONE - European Biodiversity observation network; a project to design and test a biodiversity observation system integrated in time and space


Project management: Dr. Klaus Henle
Staff responsible: Dr.Dirk Schmeller, Bianca Bauch, Dr. Mark Frenzel
Funded by: 7. Rahmenprogramm der Europäischen Union
Project duration: April 2008 - April 2012


The main outcome of EBONE will be a fully integrated system based on key biodiversity indicators and implementation within an institutional framework operating at the European level.
Therefore a link will be made between the methods, data and observation sites available in different countries and regions. A link will also be made with various ongoing projects and available databases, as well as observation and monitoring systems. This will lead to a cost effective procedure for biodiversity monitoring by applying the most efficient indicators into a balanced sampling programme. One of the important steps is to carry out tests on the data from LTER sites in relation to analysis of nation-wide habitat monitoring programmes.

7 steps to reach the project objective:

1. Design a biodiversity observation hierarchy based predominantly on existing capability
2. Develop techniques for up-scaling between site, networks of sites, habitats and remotely sensed data for detecting and interpreting changes in key indicators and ecosystems
3. Validate the observation hierarchy
4. Recommend refinements to the observation system
5. Make recommendations for the implementation of the system in Europe
6. Incorporate the measurements and data structures into existing data management systems
7. Develop and test the world wide compatibility of the system in Mediterranean regions outside Europe

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