Tradable allowances for the dedication of building land

External Partners

PD Dr. Kilian Bizer, FH Darmstadt
Dr. Stefan Siedentop, IÖR Dresden
RA Dr. Michael Schmalholz, FutureCamp GmbH, München




03/2004 − 05/2005


The German Federal Government has determined in its National Strategy on Sustainability a cut back of the amount of land used for roads and settlements to less than 30 hectare per day by 2020. This goal has caused a discussion about the instruments which are necessary to achieve it. Particularly, economists developed the idea to establish land use quotas at a regional level supplemented with tradable allowances for the dedication of building land by the municipalities. This instrument shall assure an efficient attainment of the quota for reducing land consumption. This recommendation produces lively scientific and practical interest.

The implementation of a system of tradable allowances for the dedication of building land raises a considerable number of conceptual, social-economical, legal and practical questions, which have been answered only rudimentarily until now.

Aim of the project is to develop specifications for a system of tradable land use credits, which range from goal setting (e. g. segmenting the target to the federal states/Länder) and various design-options, (resulting form the legal, planning and economic requirements) to impact studies.