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Title (Primary) Ontogeny of digestive and metabolic functions in Coregonus lavaretus
Author Segner, H.; Rösch, R.
Journal Advances in Limnology
Year 1998
Department OEC; COE
Volume 50
Page From 1
Page To 14
Language englisch
UFZ inventory Magdeburg, Bibliothek, Zeitschriften, 00419529, 10-4047 MA : Z
Abstract An overview on the ontogeny of digestive and metabolic structures and functions during early life of whitefish, Coregonus lavaretus, from Lake Constance is given. At the onset of exogenous feeding, the alimentary canal is subdivided into functionally different regions. Cytodifferentiation of exocrine pancreatic cell\ and liver parenchymal cells is completed. Enzymatic hydrolysis of protein' occurs in the lumen of the intestinal tract by pancreatic trypsin and by contact digestion of peptides by aminopeptidases located at the brush border of intestinal epithelial cells. The enterocytes absorb dietary lipids from intestinal lumen and transfer them into the submucosa. Stomach functions, however, are absent at Man-feeding: they develop gradually during further ontogeny: food storage function of the stomach appears after 20 days of feeding, whereas the histological (presence of gastric glands) as well as functional (presence of pepsin-like activity) differentiation of the stomach takes place in the period between 30-60 days after start-feeding. Energy metabolism of the larvae relies almost exclusively on aerobic pathways, as evident from high activities of citrate synthase and low levels of pyruvate kinase. From day 30 onwards, however, the capacity for glycolytic metabolism is strongly enhanced. The reorganization of larval energy metabolism occurs in parallel to the reorganization of larval digestion as indicated by the development of stomach function. At the end of the reorganization period -which may be designated as metamorphosis-. major digestive and metabolic structure' and functions are completed and the larva has turned into a juvenile fish.
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Segner, H., Rösch, R. (1998):
Ontogeny of digestive and metabolic functions in Coregonus lavaretus
Advanc. Limnol. 50 , 1 - 14