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DOI 10.1007/BF02986390
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Title (Primary) Antiestrogenic activity of anthropogenic and natural chemicals
Author Navas, J.M.; Segner, H.
Journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Year 1998
Department OEC; COE
Volume 5
Issue 2
Page From 75
Page To 82
Language englisch
Abstract A number of natural and man-made chemicals possess antiestrogenic activity, i.e. they antagonize a broad spectrum of estrogen-induced responses in vertebrates. Examples of antiestrogens include dioxin, furan and PCB congeners, certain PAHs, pesticides and indol-3-carbinol derivatives. Major mechanisms of antiestrogenicity are antagonistic action of chemicals at the estrogen receptor, or binding of chemicals to the arylhydrocarbon (Ah) receptor and subsequent interaction with estrogen-responsive genes. Toxicological consequences resulting from antiestrogenic activity have not been conclusively demonstrated to date, although antiestrogenic compounds could critically affect sensitive reproductive and developmental processes.
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Navas, J.M., Segner, H. (1998):
Antiestrogenic activity of anthropogenic and natural chemicals
Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. 5 (2), 75 - 82