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Title (Primary) Natal versus breeding dispersal: evolution in a model system
Author Johst, K.; Brandl, R.;
Journal Evolutionary Ecology Research
Year 1999
Department BZF; OESA;
Volume 1
Language englisch;
Abstract Dispersal may be age-specific and is often biased towards juveniles. Some explanations for this pattern assume special social or genetic advantages for juveniles. Using a model, we studied the competition of individuals using different dispersal strategies characterized by the magnitude and mode of dispersal as well as the age class where dispersal occurs. We found that the evolution of natal versus breeding dispersal is influenced by the age structure of the population. Details of population regulation and environmental fluctuations are also important because they influence the distribution of age classes. Our model shows that natal dispersal can be favoured over a wide range of conditions, either as a pure strategy or in combination with breeding dispersal, even without assuming special advantages for dispersing juveniles.
ID 8069
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Johst, K., Brandl, R. (1999):
Natal versus breeding dispersal: evolution in a model system
Evol. Ecol. Res. 1 , 911 - 921