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DOI 10.1139/cjm-47-7-634
Title (Primary) Sorption and metabolism of selected herbicides in river biofilm communities
Author Lawrence, J.R.; Kopf, G.; Headley, J.V.; Neu, T.R.
Journal Canadian Journal of Microbiology
Year 2001
Department FLOEK; GM
Volume 47
Issue 7
Page From 634
Page To 641
Language englisch
Abstract In the present study, biofilms were grown in rotating annular bioreactors with river water as inoculum and sole source of nutrients. The herbicides atrazine and diclofop methyl were applied to the bioreactors, while an identical reactor acted as a control. Biofilm structure was visualized using specific fluorescent probes in conjunction with confocal laser scanning microscopy. The concentration of both herbicides in the bulk water phase followed the pattern of application. Atrazine and metabolites were detected in biofilm samples using direct insertion probe tandem mass spectrometry (DIP-MS/MS) and only trace levels were detected after the addition phase. Monoclonal antibody (MAb) studies indicated that sorption of atrazine was associated with a unique microcolony type. In contrast, diclofop and metabolites reached a maximum level in the biofilm at the end of the addition phase and persisted in the biofilm. Experiments with 14C-labeled atrazine and diclofop methyl indicated that mineralization of these compounds to CO2 (<1%) occurred in the river biofilms. Thus, both herbicides were sorbed and metabolized by the river biofilm community and detected in biofilms when they were not detected in the bulk water phase. These results indicate that biofilms and specific community members may act as a sink for herbicides, and that this should be taken into account in terms of both sampling and studies of the environmental chemodynamics of contaminants.Key words: biofilm, confocal, image analyses, herbicide, sorption.
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Lawrence, J.R., Kopf, G., Headley, J.V., Neu, T.R. (2001):
Sorption and metabolism of selected herbicides in river biofilm communities
Can. J. Microbiol. 47 (7), 634 - 641