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Title (Primary) Integrative approach to delineate natural attenuation of chlorinated benzenes in anoxic aquifers
Author Stelzer, N.; Imfeld, G.; Thullner, M.; Lehmann, J.; Poser, A.; Richnow, H.-H.; Nijenhuis, I.
Journal Environmental Pollution
Year 2009
Department ISOBIO; UMB
Volume 157
Issue 6
Page From 1800
Page To 1806
Language englisch
Keywords Monochlorobenzene (MCB); Dichlorobenzene (DCB); Compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA); Anaerobic degradation; Natural attenuation (NA)
Abstract Biodegradation of chlorobenzenes was assessed at an anoxic aquifer by combining hydrogeochemistry and stable isotope analyses. In situ microcosm analysis evidenced microbial assimilation of chlorobenzene (MCB) derived carbon and laboratory investigations asserted mineralization of MCB at low rates. Sequential dehalogenation of chlorinated benzenes may affect the isotope signature of single chlorobenzene species due to simultaneous depletion and enrichment of 13C, which complicates the evaluation of degradation. Therefore, the compound-specific isotope analysis was interpreted based on an isotope balance. The enrichment of the cumulative isotope composition of all chlorobenzenes indicated in situ biodegradation. Additionally, the relationship between hydrogeochemistry and degradation activity was investigated by principal component analysis underlining variable hydrogeochemical conditions associated with degradation activity at the plume scale. Although the complexity of the field site did not allow straightforward assessment of natural attenuation processes, the application of an integrative approach appeared relevant to characterize the in situ biodegradation potential.Lines of evidence for in situ biodegradation of chlorinated benzenes in an anoxic aquifer by combining hydrogeochemical and stable isotope data with multivariate statistics.
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Stelzer, N., Imfeld, G., Thullner, M., Lehmann, J., Poser, A., Richnow, H.-H., Nijenhuis, I. (2009):
Integrative approach to delineate natural attenuation of chlorinated benzenes in anoxic aquifers
Environ. Pollut. 157 (6), 1800 - 1806